Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mentoring; new citizen whoa's

Since I was on hiatus for going on two month a lot has changed. There is now two additional Help Islands to go to. They are identical, which I guess is a good thing, but I wish there was some variance to tell them apart. Maybe change the color scheme of the hubs, or put a 1, 2, or 3 on the landing pad for each Help Island. As a mentor, I like to spend a lot of time on Help Island, working with the new citizens as they transistion to their new second life.

Since I've been back it's be a learning curve of sorts. I'm just now getting into all the new things and changes. I am finding though that with the influx of new citizens there is also an influx of people that just don't care and are just plain rude. I don't take it personally, but find it difficult to keep my maw shut when a new citizen comes up to you and asks you a question then ignores you and walks away because they see a car rolling down the walkway. They leave without so much as a thanks for the help.

Another issue is, that because I am Jogauni, I am small. People tend to walk on me or push me. They think that I'm a "toy" a "bot" or someones "pet" and understandably, they want to play the game and discover what this new in-world is about. I had a new citizen last night who was pushing me around the greeter hub. Once or twice is fine, they are getting their orientation and lets face it, it's not easy for new citizens to move. These are their baby steps and we need to make allowances, but I had to put and end to it by asking him not to push me. I was working with someone, answering their questions and then I'm being ushered against my will all over the hub.

I didn't intend to drop this in this blog. It's not meant to be a gripefest, but I do want to display, in my view, the best and worst of second life. There is a lot of reward to being a mentor and being able to hold your prim tongue before it wonders off (which in SL it can do - literally) to the other side of the sim is one of thing that takes practice and patience to acheive.


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