Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Song

Never did I know how important our songs were until this quest. It's proven to be quite cryptic and challenging. I am, however, a Jogauni who requires instant satisfaction; although the riddles might be quite easy for some, I am at a loss. The newest riddle indicates that I must find a Tunnel. This tunnel being so dark that not even light can penetrate it. A clue given by one from Luskwood, told me that all the riddles could be solved in Lusk and Perry. I have been all over both those SIM's. Literally spiralling in from out on the rim into the center and have not come across any tunnels. I know I'm thinking to literally - which is another thing I was told not to do. Alas.....even with my new HUD, I am lost. (The HUD has an eye that is blue. When I near a place where a challenge or riddle is, it will turn red.)
More later. I'm off to Luskwood................wish me luck....


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