Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The First Annual Second Life Awards

I had a vision a few months ago and want to now share it with whom ever is willing to read about it.
It's the Second Life Awards. I'm sure the name will change several times before the event - if one comes, but here's what I envisioned.
An awards show, much like the Oscars, or Grammy's. Awards given to the best of; in Second Life.

Put out a ballot with nominations like:
  • The Best Club.
  • The Best Linden.
  • The Best Mentor.
  • The Best Live Helper.
  • The Best Mens Clothing.
  • The Best Womens Clothing.
  • The Best Hair, etc.

Then have the residents vote. I can keep tabs on a spread sheet, creating the top 4 for each category and then invite them to the awards ceremony where the winner will get their SL Earth Award. (seen below / unfinished plaque) We can possibly get SL Celebrities to present the awards.

It's all in thinking stage right now and I'll have to see where I could hold such an award at. We would need the Red Carpet of course and devise rules of conduct for anyone who might happen to want to harass us during the ceremony.


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