Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Life as a SL Mentor

Usually, when I'm on Help Island, I'm the only one there. Rarely is another mentor available to come out and assist. Alot of that is due to the time I'm in-world so I understand completely. The mentors that are on when I am, are also very busy with other things. It is afterall a volunteer position and you're not required to be on beck and call. It's just that some are more wrapped up in the title and wish to use it as a lever. Over the past 6 months though, it seems that the Mentors have less respect than they did when I was rezzed.

We get a ton of questions from mostly the new citizens. I've found myself lately, although being a patient Jogauni, having less patience for stupidity.

I'm considering an addendum blog, with things like the Terms of Service, Community Standards, and a FAQ for those people who want to know a little bit more about the questions we face on a daily (I say daily, but it's more like when we are on duty) basis.

The most common questions are:
  • "How do I make money?"
  • "How can I sell things?" (which goes along with making money)
  • "I'm new, what do I do next?"
  • "Why do I have to wear clothes? I like the breeze between my legs"
  • "Can you give me some free stuff?" (I totally hate beggers)
  • "Can I have a gun? I want to shoot someone in the sandbox."
These are just a few of the questions we get. I'll chronicle some of the really obscure questions later.... (obscure meaning......... well there's no easy way to say it........ ah, uneducated, that's a good word.)


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