Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Trying To Teach A Lesson Isn't Easy.

I have a second life "sister". Her name is Timbra. I began to Mentor her on her first day. There's a lot to tell about her, but that will come in later, I'm sure

Timbra lives on my land. I thought it would be good for her to learn from me the things that were necessary away from the sandboxes and Welcome Areas. She's not a builder or scripter and is in world for fun. She does have a desire to teach so we converted my land to a teaching hostle. She is wishing to teach new citizens about Gor and Gorean life; since she herself is Gorean.

The one thing that she hasn't caught onto, but is slowly, is prim limits. I have a large parcel that I pay for monthly and I don't mind that she uses it, but when I come on land and find only 65 prims available when there were over 300 the previous day, I have to ask, "What is taking up 235 prims?" So I did a walk around. I found a small coffee table from one of her students - 70 prims. there were small lanterns; two of them - 11 prims each. The list goes on and on. Yes, the small things look really nice, but are prim heavy if detailed.

We had the same conversation that we've had several times before about prim limits. I can't stress how important it is to have the cushion when dealing with prims. It's why I have the large parcel. I have 3 parcels. One is Sky Fire. The second is a water parcel and the third is where the 911 memorial is. (Listed below, Sky Fire is restricted access, too much griefing from the battle lot next to my land)

Name Location Size
Sky Fire 2 Tangna (144,184) 512
WTC - 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial Songnisan (40,240) 512
Sky Fire Paratrea (224,26) 3088

So, I sold my water parcel (for $L2000 and they're selling it for twice that, plus - but it has a very low prim limit, so not much you can do.) and bought another 512 parcel. Put up a house, built some furniture, fenced it and when all was said and done, left me with just 2 prims. I asked that she use it as a teaching tool to her students about prim limits. By the way, 512 land has a 117 prim allotment. So if you figure the things that I found above that faithful day. A 70 prim coffee table and two small, 11 prim lanterns totalling 22 prims, that equals 92 prims, with only 25 left over. No house, no furniture, nothing but a table and two lanterns and unless you're a teenie and can build an igloo, you're basically S.O.L.

So anyway, I built Skyfire 2. The house is a prefab - not of my design, but relativly low prim. The furniture I made. It's sparcely furnished, but it's my home away from the "Institute". Here I am on my porch in the wiccar chairs I made. Only 2 prims - 3 if you include the pillows. The wiccar table is one prim. So, 7 prims in all for the 3 items.


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