Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Tunnel

Well, with some help it was found, but I was quite amazed that I hadn't found it previously. I had been there on several occasions. I had even gone through both the tunnels. I was thinking that I was being too literal in my thinking of tunnels too, but I was proved wrong.

Evidently the script runs slower, so if you walk right through, it doesn't have time to catch up. You see, there is a HUD that comes with the quest. It's an eye. And it indicates when you are near a clue by turning from blue to red. But the script has to run. I've learned from this for sure. Oh and I bet you want to know where it is exactly - - Well the only clue I'll give is it's a Jungle out there.

Look for me inworld, and I'll tell you exactly where it is. But only if you're close by. That's how I was shown. I was close by.


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