Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Time

It's Christmas time at the 911 memorial. I changed the land and put down snow prims to simulate snow on the ground. I set up a Christmas tree and a Snowman and changed the trees to snow covered fir's. The green on the right is because my neighbor decided his / her land needed to be higher than the others, so they raised it. It hid my fence - which I had to find - and made it impossible to cover because of the slope of the land. Rude is as rude does. I looked at the owners profile and see they're newbies - relatively. They will learn. I sent them a message on how they ruined my memorial, but I doubt I'll get a response.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Samantha and Me

Please welcome to my Second Life a new pet. Her name is Samantha. She's a bronze dragon. Being Pagan, I like to look back at "Bewitched". My Hyooman, named his first truck Esmerelda. His second truck was named Endora and his current truck is name Hagatha. Since he plans on not having any more trucks, he asked that I name the dragon, Samantha. It is actually fitting for her too.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

What a week

Well, my Hyooman finally finished moving. After 4 days of hauling things 20 feet. He had some good help from one of his friends.
I've not been inworld in a week, but that's ok. Sometimes a short respite is what is needed to clean the mind and soul, but I do miss my work on HI with the NC's.
My Hyooman is feeling a bit under the weather. They've had a climate change and it's been colder. Since he's not got fur like me, he thinks he may be coming down with a cold. One of those that linger.