Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Trying To Teach A Lesson Isn't Easy.

I have a second life "sister". Her name is Timbra. I began to Mentor her on her first day. There's a lot to tell about her, but that will come in later, I'm sure

Timbra lives on my land. I thought it would be good for her to learn from me the things that were necessary away from the sandboxes and Welcome Areas. She's not a builder or scripter and is in world for fun. She does have a desire to teach so we converted my land to a teaching hostle. She is wishing to teach new citizens about Gor and Gorean life; since she herself is Gorean.

The one thing that she hasn't caught onto, but is slowly, is prim limits. I have a large parcel that I pay for monthly and I don't mind that she uses it, but when I come on land and find only 65 prims available when there were over 300 the previous day, I have to ask, "What is taking up 235 prims?" So I did a walk around. I found a small coffee table from one of her students - 70 prims. there were small lanterns; two of them - 11 prims each. The list goes on and on. Yes, the small things look really nice, but are prim heavy if detailed.

We had the same conversation that we've had several times before about prim limits. I can't stress how important it is to have the cushion when dealing with prims. It's why I have the large parcel. I have 3 parcels. One is Sky Fire. The second is a water parcel and the third is where the 911 memorial is. (Listed below, Sky Fire is restricted access, too much griefing from the battle lot next to my land)

Name Location Size
Sky Fire 2 Tangna (144,184) 512
WTC - 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial Songnisan (40,240) 512
Sky Fire Paratrea (224,26) 3088

So, I sold my water parcel (for $L2000 and they're selling it for twice that, plus - but it has a very low prim limit, so not much you can do.) and bought another 512 parcel. Put up a house, built some furniture, fenced it and when all was said and done, left me with just 2 prims. I asked that she use it as a teaching tool to her students about prim limits. By the way, 512 land has a 117 prim allotment. So if you figure the things that I found above that faithful day. A 70 prim coffee table and two small, 11 prim lanterns totalling 22 prims, that equals 92 prims, with only 25 left over. No house, no furniture, nothing but a table and two lanterns and unless you're a teenie and can build an igloo, you're basically S.O.L.

So anyway, I built Skyfire 2. The house is a prefab - not of my design, but relativly low prim. The furniture I made. It's sparcely furnished, but it's my home away from the "Institute". Here I am on my porch in the wiccar chairs I made. Only 2 prims - 3 if you include the pillows. The wiccar table is one prim. So, 7 prims in all for the 3 items.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sky Fighter - Light Jogauni! *giggle*

As promised, here I am in an attack stance with my light spear. Pretty cool huh?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Quest, Attack on the Grid

Well I found out there was more to the quest and was given a notecard with the secrets. I dove right in and was given my tribal weapon. It is a light spear. Very cool too. I should have taken a picture, but I'm sure you'll see it soon. It did something today and I don't know how it was done. I stepped off my wood deck and onto the ground and it emitted some light particles. It was really cool, but I haven't a clue why or how to replicate it. Time will definately tell, and I will master it.

There was an attach on the grid yesterday. It was self replicating prims/objects. My land was hit with badmitton (sp) birdies. It filled my parcel and even went over the prim allotment. It also played this horrid sound/music. I was able to remove them and send them back to the owner, but they kept coming in from over the air. They were self rezzing. I was told too that there were also hats. The sim next to me had so many birdies they had to take it down for about 10 mins to clean it up. I couldn't finish building the Institute at that point for my "sister". More about that later, suffice to say, she want's to be a teacher of Gorean ways and use the institute to introduce citizens to Gore. Then when they are ready, set them free into the world to discover their calling. Be it Free or Slave.

Friday, September 15, 2006

710,000 Today

Well, it's rising. We will definately hit 710,000 citizens today. What a rush.

Second Life Time: 10:50:33 AM
Total Residents: 709,936
Logged In Last 60 Days: 308,449
Online Now: 7,184
US$ Spent Last 24 Hrs: 351,681

Even In SL

In Second Life, you can't die. Well, you can - sorta - in SIM's that allow your health points to fall. The difference is, when you do die in Second Life, you are teleported back to your home location. It's an amazing concept, because Second Life is about your imagination. There are no limits to what you can build or do. Sadly, Real Life doesn't mimic Second Life - although it should.
I just found out that one of our own citizens. A fellow Mentor, Live Helper and Friend has died in RL. Her name is Ginny Gremlin. Notice I said is and not was. There will never be another Ginny Gremlin and although RL has taken her, her spirit will live on in Second Life, because in Second Life, she was just as real to us.

If you visit this and would like to know more about how Ginny affected the lives of those of us in SL. Please visit Tateru Nino's blog at the link on the right. There are comments under the, "I dream of Ginny".

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Help Islands and 700,000

WOW, 4 Help Islands now. I guess with nearly 700,000 citizens, it was bound to happen. The problem I have with it is; how many of these "new citizens" are alts. How many were greifers previously only to be banned and then come back again as someone else. It's quite amazing though that when I was rez'd (my rezday or birthday if you will) that there were just over 50,000 players. In less than a year it has grown by 650,00 people. I'm seeing the million resident mark coming up by Christmas or New Years. Oh what fun that will be.....

To chronicle this moment, I want to paste the current stats of residents. This is as of 10:20 am SLT. With only 1433 new citizens to go, it look like after today, we will have that 700K.

Second Life Time: 10:19:59 AM
Total Residents: 698,677
Logged In Last 60 Days: 297,421
Online Now: 0
US$ Spent Last 24 Hrs: 323,730

The grid is currently down for maintenance and hopefully several of the fixes will be implimented to correct the current issues.

If you happen upon this blog, don't let the issues deter you from joining. They are very minor annoyances. Second Life is completely fun.

Last evening while on HI, I had a new citizen ask me the "question of the day". He said, "If I log off or close the program, will my body (avatar) stay here?" My reply was simple: "No, when you log off, your body will disappear. We can't have thousands of empty bodies laying around Second Life now can we? LOL"

It's amazing the questions that some come up with. The most popular is "How do I make money?" Citizens come in-world in Second Life, just as they come to-the-world in RL. The only difference is they are pushed out of the virtual womb as it were. They have basic clothing and create their body shapes to what they want and they are flat busted-BROKE. To make money in SL, you have to work, build or script. If you're proficient in building you can build prefab homes, autos, planes, whatever. It is only limited by what you dream. If you're a scripter, you can create low lagging scripts that will enable other citizens to things that the common population cannot. Poofers, particle emitters, security panels, the list is endless. Jobs can be found in SL. You can be a bouncer at a local club. I real estate agent for a land barron or any number of things. Be warned, however, they do not pay much. Your best bet is to purchase your Lindens. (Lindens are the currency in SL)

To learn more about Second Life, go to Second Life
"What is Second Life?"

Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Memorial

On this, the 5th anniversary of the attacks, I have created a memorial. I'll let the picture speak for itself.

You can also visit the following link to see another photo.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Quest Complete

Done. I have completed the quest, but not without some excellent assistance from a new friend who helped me through to the end. He even waited for me as long as he could, while I tried to complete the last task. I thank him for that help!

As noted in the prior thread, I found the tunnel and was given the next clue. I want to say before I go further that I don't remember the verbiage to all the riddles, so I can't post them.

The clue in the tunnel is "Bring order to chaos". A clue to this would be to look toward your Quest HUD for the answer. I can't give you the solution to the riddle, because even I don't know it. It was given to me and I could never have figured it out, but I'll tell you how to get started. Each triangle represents a Tribe. Find the Tribe that likes order and begin there. Know this - the light balls are the chaos. Click a triangle to change the lights.....and follow the direction of the sun from where you start. (Think compass and what direction the sun goes)

The next clue has to do with children or bringing up the young. To find a place where a certain element is abundant. That is where you will get the next clue. You will see when you get there that the clues continue to cycle. Not sure how many their are, but they will randomly repeat and your clue to solving this is: They compliment each other. (Get a pencil and paper and prepare to write before you continue, that is unless you know what the compliment is.)

The next clue is something like, by day or night this beacon shines.... If you have ever been in Luskwood, you will know what and where this place is. No question about that and the answer is just as easy, although the solution to the answer is the tough part. I will say this. Remember what you learned in the tunnel to pass this challenge.

The very last clue is something to effect of a meeting place where stories are told or have told for years. Again, if you know Luskwood, you will know this place. This is the final challenge. The only clue I can give you on this is; the opposition is tough. Know your tribes on this one.

I hope this helps the wayward questor. I cannot give more than that. It would ruin the fun and the challenge. You may contact me in-world if you run into some grief. I know after two hours of the tunnel challenge and not finding the answer, I was about to give up. I had a horrible headache and had read the myth at least 100 times, by the time my new found friend helped me. To him, I owe the success of my quest.

I am happy with my prize - although not scripted as I thought, it's definately something unique that only the Jogauni of SL have. It cannot be transferred to another so it is yours and yours alone. Although not unique to the tribes, it is as individual as you are even though it looks like the others. If you're questing for some magical mischief, end your quest now because the only magic you will find at the end of this quest is that which is within.

So ends this posting and this quest.

Thankee Sai for reading and best of luck in whichever path you decide to follow.


One thing to note...... over the hill nearly forgotten is another adventure...... that's what the final message was...... do you suppose another quest is on the frontier? I'll keep you posted......

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Tunnel

Well, with some help it was found, but I was quite amazed that I hadn't found it previously. I had been there on several occasions. I had even gone through both the tunnels. I was thinking that I was being too literal in my thinking of tunnels too, but I was proved wrong.

Evidently the script runs slower, so if you walk right through, it doesn't have time to catch up. You see, there is a HUD that comes with the quest. It's an eye. And it indicates when you are near a clue by turning from blue to red. But the script has to run. I've learned from this for sure. Oh and I bet you want to know where it is exactly - - Well the only clue I'll give is it's a Jungle out there.

Look for me inworld, and I'll tell you exactly where it is. But only if you're close by. That's how I was shown. I was close by.

The Song

Never did I know how important our songs were until this quest. It's proven to be quite cryptic and challenging. I am, however, a Jogauni who requires instant satisfaction; although the riddles might be quite easy for some, I am at a loss. The newest riddle indicates that I must find a Tunnel. This tunnel being so dark that not even light can penetrate it. A clue given by one from Luskwood, told me that all the riddles could be solved in Lusk and Perry. I have been all over both those SIM's. Literally spiralling in from out on the rim into the center and have not come across any tunnels. I know I'm thinking to literally - which is another thing I was told not to do. Alas.....even with my new HUD, I am lost. (The HUD has an eye that is blue. When I near a place where a challenge or riddle is, it will turn red.)
More later. I'm off to Luskwood................wish me luck....

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Answer to the Clue

I found the answer to the clue and where the Wheel is located. If you ask nicely, I will give you a clue to it's location.
The next clue: "This appears to be the right place, but it seems that more is needed... the songs of your ancestors pull at you."

The Light Tribe Quest

For the past few weeks, I have been hearing more and more about a Quest that all Jogauni should partake of. Re-reading the Myth and my Tribal Myth, I discovered this to be true.

I was given the task of finding the first clue to the Quest and had read that the clue would be in my mind. I consulted with the tribe group and was instructed on how to find this first clue. I was amazed when I did find it. It said, "Myth 2:89". Well that was a pretty easy clue. Or so I thought.

It couldn't be chapter 2; verse 89, because there are no chapters to the Myth. First I looked up the Myth of the light tribe on the notecard that came with my AV. I counted to the 89 only to find "Wheel of Balance Turns". I did a few searches and came up with nothing.

I looked up the Myth of the Jogauni, paragraph 2, word 89. There were not 89 words in that paragraph. This didn't make sense to me, so I thought maybe the title would be the first paragraph and the second would be where the clue was. I counted. "Life Preservers of the Balance". That's all I had and was no closer to the next clue.

Still, the clues elude me. I crave this quest, but fear that it may just be another Myth. There is much about darkness in all that I've read. I need to dwell on it a while.... yes, some thought is indeed what is needed here.