Friday, September 15, 2006

Even In SL

In Second Life, you can't die. Well, you can - sorta - in SIM's that allow your health points to fall. The difference is, when you do die in Second Life, you are teleported back to your home location. It's an amazing concept, because Second Life is about your imagination. There are no limits to what you can build or do. Sadly, Real Life doesn't mimic Second Life - although it should.
I just found out that one of our own citizens. A fellow Mentor, Live Helper and Friend has died in RL. Her name is Ginny Gremlin. Notice I said is and not was. There will never be another Ginny Gremlin and although RL has taken her, her spirit will live on in Second Life, because in Second Life, she was just as real to us.

If you visit this and would like to know more about how Ginny affected the lives of those of us in SL. Please visit Tateru Nino's blog at the link on the right. There are comments under the, "I dream of Ginny".


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