Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Help Islands and 700,000

WOW, 4 Help Islands now. I guess with nearly 700,000 citizens, it was bound to happen. The problem I have with it is; how many of these "new citizens" are alts. How many were greifers previously only to be banned and then come back again as someone else. It's quite amazing though that when I was rez'd (my rezday or birthday if you will) that there were just over 50,000 players. In less than a year it has grown by 650,00 people. I'm seeing the million resident mark coming up by Christmas or New Years. Oh what fun that will be.....

To chronicle this moment, I want to paste the current stats of residents. This is as of 10:20 am SLT. With only 1433 new citizens to go, it look like after today, we will have that 700K.

Second Life Time: 10:19:59 AM
Total Residents: 698,677
Logged In Last 60 Days: 297,421
Online Now: 0
US$ Spent Last 24 Hrs: 323,730

The grid is currently down for maintenance and hopefully several of the fixes will be implimented to correct the current issues.

If you happen upon this blog, don't let the issues deter you from joining. They are very minor annoyances. Second Life is completely fun.

Last evening while on HI, I had a new citizen ask me the "question of the day". He said, "If I log off or close the program, will my body (avatar) stay here?" My reply was simple: "No, when you log off, your body will disappear. We can't have thousands of empty bodies laying around Second Life now can we? LOL"

It's amazing the questions that some come up with. The most popular is "How do I make money?" Citizens come in-world in Second Life, just as they come to-the-world in RL. The only difference is they are pushed out of the virtual womb as it were. They have basic clothing and create their body shapes to what they want and they are flat busted-BROKE. To make money in SL, you have to work, build or script. If you're proficient in building you can build prefab homes, autos, planes, whatever. It is only limited by what you dream. If you're a scripter, you can create low lagging scripts that will enable other citizens to things that the common population cannot. Poofers, particle emitters, security panels, the list is endless. Jobs can be found in SL. You can be a bouncer at a local club. I real estate agent for a land barron or any number of things. Be warned, however, they do not pay much. Your best bet is to purchase your Lindens. (Lindens are the currency in SL)

To learn more about Second Life, go to Second Life
"What is Second Life?"


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